Mahashivaratri According to the Skandha Purana, Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga having the same effect as crores
1. Sarnath   (a) Dhamek Stupa Dhamek Stupa which is also spelled as Dhamekh and Dhamekha is one of the
1. Jetvana Vihara The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries in India. It
1. Lumbini Garden At Lumbini, it is not Buddha but his mother Maya Devi who is celebrated. She is best
1. Mahaparinirvana Temple Regarded probably as one of the most sacred shrines of the Buddhists across the world, Mahaparinirvana Temple
1. Nalanda University Nalanda was one of the world’s first residential universities, i.e., it had dormitories for students. It is
1. Bimbisara jail Bimbisar Jail offers a beautiful view of Griddhakuta hill as well as the Japanese pagoda. Bimbisar, a
1. Mahabodhi Temple The Mahabodhi Temple Complex, Bodh Gaya lies 115 km south of the state capital of Bihar, Patna
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